Honeymoon destination chosen

Finally, we made it! We have chosen the honeymoon destination that is......JAPAN! I wrote a post in November (this one) about the honeymoon destinations. We had quite many different options and have to say that our "where to travel on honeymoon" list changed everyday :D It wasn't easy task to make the decision. But I have to admit that planning a honeymoon has been fun! I have read many honeymoon stories, watched photos from all over the world and checked flight prices.  Travel planning is always one of the best parts of traveling! The negative side of this "project" has been that my travel fever is getting higher higher. This our planet has so many cool places to see and unfortunately one honeymoon isn't enough for exploring all those destinations.

After long consideration, we were both sure. We will go to Japan! I have always wanted to travel to Japan and in August I will! We booked flights HKI-Okinawa-Tokio-Helsinki. Our plan is to spend the first week in Okinawa island and enjoy beach vacation there. This week will be our

"romantic, luxury and we're just married week"! You know ;) Honestly, I didn't know that from Japan you can find a paradise island like Okinawa. These pinterest pictures gives you the image of Okinawa beaches. Looks perfect, don't you think?


Picture is from here


Picture from here

After Okinawa we'll fly to Tokio and then we have 2,5 weeks time to explore the mainland. We will definitely take the JR pass for 2 weeks, because single train tickets are expensive in Japan. My boyfriend has been in Japan before so he knows some places already. I want to see Tokio, Kioto, Nara, Mount Fuji and see hot springs and... I know we have only 2,5 weeks. My next thing to do is to read Japan travel guide books. We already have old Lonely Planet guidebook in our bookshelf.

There's no words to describe how excited I am already! And as a sushi and Japanese food lover, I have a high expectations for food! Omnom. Seriously, I can't wait!

And hey, all the traveling tips to Japan are moren than welcomed! Please, raise my honeymoon expectations with "must see and do" tips.

So we'll have a honeymoon in August! Now, there is just one wedding to arrange before that. Maybe my next thing to do is to think some "real" wedding stuff ;)

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