Lovely Ljubljana

Ljubljana. Small capital city of Slovenia. Fascinating and idyllic. You have to explore the atmosphere in Ljubljana. It is something special and hard to describe.

We visited Ljubljana last summer. We stayed there 2 days enjoying the atmosphere and nice summer days. We both have been traveling a lot and seen many different cities, but Ljubljana was different. It was unique. We fell in love immediately. The streets were full of laughing people having a good time. The centre is lively and full of nice restaurants and bars. All in all, Ljubljana is beautiful and highly recommended place to visit in Europe. The city is great place for a weekend city break and for example Finnair had cheap flights to Ljubljana last summer so consider the city when thinking a short city break somewhere in Europe.

What we did there? Enjoyed the city by walking a round, sat in the street bars, visited Lljubljana castle and Metelkova etc. There were very nice food market during the day with the specialities around the world. People were eating on the streets and you could hear laughing and ethusiastic speaking by the smiling people everywhere.

This picture gallery shows you a little bit Ljubljana.

From the train station

Picture taken from Ljubljana Castle

Tasting local beer with Lonely Planet

Shoes everywhere

There were so many nice bars and restaurants

Ljubljana Castle

The tempature in July was +40'c during the day

Love Locks

Metelkova mesto is the place you have to see. It's located on the site of former military barracks. Nowadays it's a popular social centre. There's one popular hostel called Hostel Celica (the building is old prison). Also there are bars, art gallerys etc. 

Btw.. We took DRD's mini bus service from Venice to Llubljana and it was only 25€ one way and the driving took 3hours. Pretty handy and cheap! Recommended!

My point here? GO to Ljubljana and fall in love with this city.