Fairytale village Hallstatt

Hallstatt is unbelievable amazing place in Upper Austria, in the Salzgammergut region. Hallstatt is breathtaking and beautiful. It's one of the most photographed place in Austria and no wonder why. When you go there you can just enjoy the peace and quiet of the village. And did you know that Chinese has created a exact copy of the village? It's located somewhere in Guangdong province in China. That is also the reason why there's so many visitors from China every year.

The village is known for its production of salt and the name means salt settlement that testifies to its primary function. Back in the days the region of Salzgammergut was a salt-mining capital of Europe.Nowadays there's less than 1000 people living there. Nowadays, the salt mines still do exist. But today, the village's economy depends on the tourism. Hallstatt was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1997.

I have visited Hallstatt only for one day 4 years ago. It was enough to remember the place for the rest of my life. But I will go there once again for sure. We take a ferry ride around the lake to see the surrounded with mountains (best way to see the village is from the lake). The village is small and you can see it very quickly. If you have time you can visit the Salt Mines. There are a lot of things to do and see in the region, for example Dachstein Ice Caves are worth of visit. Also hiking is very popular and there are many hiking trails in the mountains.

Because it's Instagram Travel Thursday I want to share pictures from Hallstatt with all of you. Sorry, the quality is not that good, because of my old and crappy camera. :)

Lovely coffee shop

You can get to Hallstatt by train or buss or car. The train station is just across the lake and there's a ferry that takes you to the village. More information how to get there from here.

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